Charming Mini Foldable PDT LED Beauty Light Machine (L300), Photo Rejuvenation, Dynamic Therapy, Daily Skin Care, Home & Salon

1.PDT LED Beauty Light system is a well-known skin care system in the world. It is safe and good for daily skin care, rejuvenation, photo dynamic therapy, acne therapy, nerves, sensitive skin improvement, wrinkle & fine lines reduction, and so on.

2.L300 PDT LED light machine can be used on face and body, no area limited. It can folded and unfolded, comprehensively treat skin on every angle.

3.There are 3 colors lights in the L300: Red, Blue and Yellow. 3 buttons on machine selects each color. And 2 program modes (yellow light) for Spring-Summer & Fall-Winter skin care used.

4. There are totally 420 pieces of LED lamps in the L300, supplying good energy output during treatment.

5.It is easy to use, convenient to store, can be used everywhere at anytime.

6.Light Source: LED Standard Spectra(wavelength) Red light:630nm; Blue light:470nm; Yellow light:590nm

7.Working power supply: AC100V – 240V, 50Hz/60Hz

$ 265.98