Part 1 of 2 Overcoming Loneliness or Emptiness and Why YouTube Is Not a Healer, Coach or Mentor

YouTubeBy Yvonne St-Louis —

Google or YouTube are great to give a little boost that lasts, well not very long because these do not have the power to offer a deep transformation through trust and connection. It is a machine and not one can talk to a machine to feel heard, seen and validated. Did you know that the very core of worthiness is exactly that!

How many people do you know that live through loneliness or emptiness and do not know how to reach out for support? Perhaps you relate to this. I sure did when I didn’t make feeling good my top priority and felt disconnected. The root of psychological self-confidence is “I am capable”. The root of spiritual self-confidence is “I can heal my pain”. I am sure that you can relate to this.

I was having coffee with Tanya to prepare for a self-esteem presentation and she said to me “99% of speakers come from a corrupt space” I think those were her words. I accepted her point of view and disagreed.

Let me go a little deeper with this piece. If your human fundamental need of admiration was not really fulfilled when you grew up, if your parents or caretakers did not validate your potential by valuing you this impacts how you value your worth and also how you seek to be recognized and valued. Even more this deep insecurity is the reason that many people sell their offers through a very subtle domination by pulling on others through a polluted insecurity.

Now depending if their money story and blocks were healed or if they have really come clean in their heart, what they offer stems from either an affectionate or financial insecurity or stems from a sacred place to elevate more people with what makes them thrive in their heart and soul. There are many good people who have valuable offers that are uplifting and there are other people who work very hard to offer value because they are not fully on track with their human and soul’s potential.

There is a solution to this unfulfilled or half fulfilled fundamental need of admiration. If this need was fulfilled in your teenage years or as a young adult I am thrilled for you. Your confidence and love is high up there. If on the other hand this remains unfulfilled there is a way to put this in a framework that will work for you.

Why having support is important and not an option?

1. Self-trust increases

2. Self-confidence increases

3. Self-worth (self-love) increases

I invite you to be very honest with yourself to have more success in your life and in your business.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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