Top Ten Reasons Thanksgiving is Really the Most Wonderful Time of Year

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Each year when the holiday season rolls around, the tinsel, holly, and lights of Christmas time quickly overshadow the greatness of Thanksgiving. Here are the top ten reasons why Thanksgiving is truly the best holiday!

1. Seeing the Family. Most people, no matter their profession, and able to take a day off to relax with family near and far. Also, by not being as long as the Christmas to New Year season, Thanksgiving provides the perfect short but sweet family reunion.

2. Eating Food. No other meal compares with that of the beloved Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, sweet potatoes, and pie are just a few of the delectable dishes that will always leave you stuffed. Sharing recipes and cooking together is always a great experience.

3. The Expectations. When it comes to Thanksgiving, there are no expectations for lavish gifts for every person you meet. A friendly welcoming and general merriment are all this holiday asks for. Dropping by with a friend is always encouraged and enjoyed.

4. Playing Football, Watching Football, and Enjoying Football. Any fan can tell you that the hype and excitement of a Thanksgiving Day football game is beyond any other game. Everybody can share all aspects of the game, from playing, watching, and enjoying!

5. Shop ’till you Drop! What is known as “Black Friday,” the day after Thanksgiving shopping is the best sale day of the entire year. From Christmas presents to personal gifts, Thanksgiving offers the best selection for shoppers.

6. Gathering Friends. Thanksgiving is a great holiday that can be either family or friend oriented (or both!) Getting together a group of friends to celebrate thanks is a fine way for people who live far away to reconnect with one another.

7. Outdoor Activities. No matter where you live, Thanksgiving is still a time that offers a lot of outdoor activities in beautiful fall weather. Parades, pumpkin picking, hikes and drives are a great way to spend the afternoon. Take advantage of the scenic views.

8. Days and Days of Leftovers. While Thanksgiving dinner is a category in its self, what it leaves behind is a whole other story. Turkey sandwiches, casseroles, and pies are left to satisfy for weeks after the holiday. Thanksgiving is the meal that keeps on giving.

9. The Start of Christmas. For all you loyal Christmas fans, Thanksgiving can still be the best holiday for you as it is typically the benchmark of the start of the holiday season. Decorations come out as the turkey goes in around this time!

10. Open Possibilities. There are so many ways Thanksgiving can be celebrated. The types of gatherings a host can explore include different types of food, costumes and crafts for children, a fancy dinner party, or a rustic potluck! With numerous variations on time-honored traditions, it is not hard to plan a Thanksgiving to please everybody.

This year think about the ways that Thanksgiving is important to you and your family to enjoy the holiday to its fullest potential. It is easy to see why Thanksgiving is a time that people remember the most. Soak up the great Thanksgiving memories and stories to share for years to come!

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