Starter Steps to Clarity – The Positive Benefits of Focus

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The art and practice of focus is really learning to discipline oneself. It is the ability to concentrate with singleness of purpose on a fixed objective with the main intent of completion. So often I hear from people about their inability to focus, of being too distracted to achieve the goals that they set forth, or just being scattered in their approach.

It could be that the main reason why was never determined and that should be the preliminary step. But when one has the ability to laser focus on a particular outcome, to steadily fix one’s attention on a central objective, it is more often than not, successful.

One area of focus is on opportunities. Instead of looking at situations as problems or trouble, it is more productive to look at them as opportunities or as a challenge to a place of greater productivity. The opposite is obstacles and its inherent risks and potential loss. Readjust the outlook to see the rewards and potential gain, instead.

Focus on growing and learning. Every situation has a lesson and a message. It could in some instances even be considered a gift. Give attention to feeding your mind as well as your body for balanced growth. Give attention to learning something new every day about your particular interest and take a step forward toward doing one to three things that would add to growing some aspect of your mind.

Another aspect of focus is contribution. By focusing on how to help others and offering benefit to someone else, you can increase the worth of you own focus. Either directly or indirectly the objective of your goal is best served if there is contribution to two or more. This helps to establish the reason or purpose which hone the ability to stay on the task at hand.

Another primary point of focus daily should be on what you are grateful for in your life. No matter how much you think you don’t have, you have enough to appreciate, because in doing that, you then have more upon which to focus gratitude. This is one of the most important points to focus on daily and it can strengthen your ability to concentrate and aim straight toward any goal.

These points hopefully will help you to realize a few of the benefits and areas for the power of focus. Being able to direct ones attention and concentration on opportunities, on contribution, on learning and growing, and finally on appreciation will make an individual stronger, stable and more productive!

Linda K. Taylor is a certified coach, a teacher, and a success mentor. She holds a B.S. in Human Services from SIU-Edwardsville, is the first Higher-Consciousness Attraction Coach graduate from Law of Attraction Training Center, as well as The Energy Coach Institute. An international speaker and author currently living in South Korea, she leads and facilitates a monthly meet up on Law of Attraction and can be reached by visiting her website at: []

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