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Dancing3By Melinda G Johnston  —

Life is a dance into the Unknown. How are we to know what each day may hold for us? I am sure each of us have experienced waking up with a set mind of how the day will turn out… and then the unexpected happens, which could be something incredible as a new job, a new romance, a new opportunity to expand your horizons, or perhaps a deeper understanding of something you have been questioning.

Or, the unexpected may show up as something we don’t think we could handle such as death of a loved one, or some loss that is overwhelming to us in some way. I only mention this because lately I have had many friends experience terrible, unexpected losses.

How do we cope? How do we again find joy, or peace?

These are good questions, and I find that when we are knocked down, and not in a usual state of wellness… it is important to once again realize that Life is a gift, and the unexpected comes in all forms. This understanding makes each moment, precious, fleeting, and full of mystery. Today, I know of one family who lost their one year old son in a fire, and another friend is instead celebrating the one year birthday of her first child. We of course want each moment, each day, to bring absolute joy. Why does suffering exist?

Well, I don’t have the answer to that question. But I do believe there is a time to cry, and a time to laugh, and in between those days… perhaps it is best to just simply Be.

This morning I woke up in my place on planet Earth surrounded by snow. This area had quite the blizzard this past week. Thankfully, we are a week away from the official date of Spring, and on my morning walk I could hear just one bird singing the most spectacular song. The melody took my imagination to visions of green grass, bright sun, flowers blooming and All the birds singing. I smiled knowing that spring is only asleep under the snow, and that MY own dance would have more passion soon.

For now, I am appreciating the quiet and stillness that snow brings. In this state, my heart sings a song for those in a time of loss, while also in harmony with a song of joy for those who have gifts to celebrate today. I am humbly reminded that each day is unique. A treasure to be embraced passionately, and lived fully.

Many blessings, and dance well~ Melinda

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