Living Above the Line or How to Live Life Without Making Excuses

blame 300By Glen E Klassen —

Life is a mystery. It has all sorts of unexpected twists and turns. Many of these happened outside of our control. They were experiences foisted upon us by others and seeming chance events. However many of these twists and turns also came as a result of our own choices and actions. The outcome of these choices and actions ultimately form our life. A life of reflecting with satisfaction on how it has turned out, or a life of tormenting regrets. Voltaire is reported as saying that none of us has control over the cards that are dealt to us, but we do have control over how we play those cards. In other words we can turn even a poor hand of cards into one that wins the jackpot of life.

Most people never realize they do have a choice as to the life they experience. They believe things just happen to them and are beyond their control. Consequently they blame bad breaks, bad people, bad economy etc. This in coaching circles is known as living below the line. The attitude of blaming influences outside of themselves leads to excuses and even denial. The result is a life of feeling helpless and hopeless. The individual who lives below the line has no sense of control over their life experiences. This results in an unhappy life with only a small portion of their potential being realized. You can readily identify these individuals as they are normally complaining about how somebody did them wrong, they never get any breaks and of course they always complain about the weather. Being grateful is something quite foreign to them. This last quality is possibly their biggest hindrance: A lack of gratitude.

People who are living above the line know they are essentially in control of their lives. They recognize there will be events outside of their control. They also know by increasing their capacity to participate and be present in life they can increase the odds in their favor of putting into motion forces that will work to their advantage and even minimize the effects of those seeming unfortunate occasions. And they are people of demonstrative gratitude for they realize their success isn’t due to their efforts alone.

The objective of above the line people is to empower others to get above the line and if they are already above, to stay above. They coach others and themselves to be above the line.

Happy coaching!

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