How to Eat Cleaner at Work

It was the American Thanksgiving yesterday, and the holiday season is right around the corner. With all these food-filled celebrations, the winter weight can be difficult to manage. Here’s guest blogger, Adrienne, with a few great tips in how to manage your weight while at work!  

Nibbling on the job can be a real problem. From the vending machines’ processed junk to the takeout burritos your company loves ordering in – eating at work can create a daily health crisis. It doesn’t have to, though. All you need to eat better is discipline and dedication. If you’re interested in cracking down and improving your at-work diet, here’s what you need to do:

quick lunchBuy a Lunchbox

Invest in a lunchbox and begin packing your lunches. When you depend on restaurants or vending machines, you’re bound to turn to processed or fatty foods. If you can prepare your meals ahead of time, though, you will have healthier options at your disposal. Packing ahead also helps to avoid the dilemma in which you’re starving and want to devour the first thing you can get your hands on – regardless of how unhealthy it may be.

Stock your pantry with food storage containers and get creative. Pack whole grain cereal in a container and almond milk in a bottle; try hummus and fresh-cut vegetables. Sandwiches made with whole wheat bread and lean meats alongside fruits are a good bet, too. Mix it up – home-packed lunches don’t have to be boring.

And Ice Packs

Throw some ice packs in your lunchbox alongside your food storage containers. A lot of healthy, non-processed food options (like vegetables, fruits, lean meats and dairy), are better when served cold. They will maintain fresher flavor and avoid a wilted consistency.

Bring a Big Water Bottle

Water is a key component in any healthy-eating lifestyle. Not only does it keep you hydrated and, well, alive – water also helps to fill you up to keep you from overeating. There are plenty of reasons you should be drinking more water. Bring a huge bottle from home so that you can sip all day long.

Create Your Own Serving Sizes

Making/buying foods in bulk can make your life a lot easier. However, doing so also increases your chances of overeating. (Like when you’re sitting on the couch with the entire bag of Doritos and the next thing you know – poof – they’re all gone.) To avoid this, divide your bulk into individual serving sizes. When you make a heaping pile of quinoa, for example, divide it into appropriate portions and bag/store each one individually. These will assist with portion control and will also make packing your lunch that much easier.

Choose the Right Foods

Since you’ll be packing your lunch, you need to know what to buy at the store. If you’re stumped or overwhelmed, here are some easy at-work snack ideas:

Baby carrots and hummus Yogurt/Greek yogurt Apples slices with lemon juice and cinnamon Grapes/berries Homemade fruit & nut/granola bars Almonds Dehydrated fruits/vegetables Whole grain crackers with natural peanut/nut butter Trail mix

Avoid Boredom-Induced Eating

Finally: mindless nibbling is a no-no. If you’re struck with boredom, don’t reach for a bag of processed snack. Instead, create to-do lists, polish off your calendar or play an online game that challenges your brain – that is, of course, only if you’ve finished all of your work-related duties. In other words, distract yourself from boredom-induced eating by avoiding boredom. If you absolutely must eat something, make it something healthy like carrots or apple slices.

Following the tips above will definitely help to transform your at-work food habits. Prepare to denounce processed crap and behold the goodness that accompanies clean eating…

About the Author

Adrienne is a blogger and freelance designer passionate about healthy living, good food, and fitness. You can see more of her work by following @foodierx on Twitter or visiting her blog, Foodie Fitness.

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