How Does Being Fat Benefit You?

Hi Davey,

I’m 32 years old, 286 pounds and have a body fat percentage of of 41%. I’m worried that I’m heading for a health disaster but can’t seem to find the motivation or energy to do anything about it. How do I break the cycle and get motivated?



We all know the benefits of exercise and a proper diet. So why is it so hard to change our behavior?

Hey Stu,

Thanks for your honest question.

With more and more adults overweight and obese, the current approach isn’t resonating. You already know the benefits of exercise. You already know the health risks of being overweight. And yet, none of it is motivating you (and many, many others) to change behavior.

So I have a different question: How does being overweight or obese benefit you?

At first, it might sound like a silly question. But consider it deeply.

An article on PsychCentral asked that question of patients. Though the question is initially met with nervous laughter, some of the bravest patients find the courage to answer it honestly:

“My obesity gives me an excuse. I am not held to the same standards as others; they don’t expect it, because I am morbidly obese.” “My obesity keeps men away; I was sexually abused by my dad for 4 years of my life.” “My marriage is so distant that food has become my only lover/friend. I’m lonely and food gives me comfort.”

If weight loss was as easy as eating smarter and moving more, we’d all be at our goal weight. But we’re not. And it’s clear that, for many of us, there’s a psychological element that cannot be ignored. As personal trainers, it’s our responsibility to be aware of this – and to give our clients the tools that they need. And that means more than just a treadmill and a calorie journal.

So…. how does being overweight benefit you? Yes, you. In the comments below, please find the courage to answer that question honestly. And because you deserve to be healthy and happy, give yourself the gift of professional help.


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