Healing with Sound, Color and Movement: Nine Evolutionary Healing Techniques (Star to Cell Series Book IV) (From star to cell : a sound structure for the twenty-first century)

Fabien Maman, founder of Tama-Do, The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement®, offers nine revolutionary healing techniques in his Book IV of his Star to Cell Series, which pioneer the use of his innovative vibrational tools of Sound, Color and Movement®.
For the sound energy practitioner, this book is an excellent guide, offering detailed information on Maman s sound techniques, from the cellular level to the stars, including his ground-breaking tuning fork techniques for the ears and the feet and the Musical Spine®; as well as sound protocol for the Chakras and Subtle Energy Fields (aura).
Complex, yet simple, Maman has developed an entire Sound Structure for the Twenty-First Century., grounded in the physical laws of nature, the five elements, Chinese medicine and music theory, reaching toward the cosmic structure of the Universe.
Maman offers for the first time, his own sound structure for the Sefirotic Tree of the Kaballah. He assists the reader to find his or her place on the Tree of Life, and the notes which echo the Spiritual Development of one s Soul. For the first time we see photos of Maman s Sacred Sound Instruments, used in the teachings of Tama-Do ( The Way of the Soul ), The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement®, including the Giant Pyramid® and the Arche of Sound®.

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