Granola Bar Experiments – Quest for The Best Granola Bars

My daughter and I have been spending Saturday afternoons the last few weekstrying to make great granola bars. Not sure how well we are really doing but I have been eating up our progress!

How are Granola Bars Made?

First of all it is important to have a place to start from with any kind of recipe. When making granola bars there are two parts, dry and wet.

The dry part of the granola bars is based on rolled oats and usually some kind of nuts and seeds as well as a sweetener. I have used various nuts and seeds now and for sweetners have used dates, brown sugar, and coconut.

For the wet portion of the granola bars there are a few staples. Peanut butter is popular, as is often some kind of oil, honey, chocolate chips, and I am guessing more things than we can all think of.

After you have mixed the two parts together you squeeze them down in an 8

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