An Email Your Boss Didn’t Send – But Should Have

Dear (say your name out loud)

Thank you!

I don’t always get the time to tell you how much I really appreciate everything you do for us so I wanted to send you this note instead.

Thank you, for everything you do each day that I don’t see and may never know about.

an_email_your_boss_didnt_send_but_should_haveIt is these things, done in service, rather than because it’s on your job description, that creates the culture of this company. In these moments, you are sharing your character with us and we are stronger because of it.

Thank you, for simply coming in each day. For sharing your experience, knowledge and life stories. For making us laugh and putting an arm around us when we are down.

I know that you are paid, but you have chosen to come here, rather than any other company. By doing this you give us value and credibility. Our worth is stronger because of our association with you.

Thank you, for the times when you are called to go over and above 9 to 5. For when the hour is late or the day is young.

I know that this can put strain on your family, relationships or life commitments. I only wish that I could be there to shoulder any blame or stress that you may suffer as a consequence. I would tell them that the chore was ours alone but the loyalty and dedication is all you.

Let me also just say finally, that none of us are perfect.

If I find fault or try to give you guidance it is simply because I know how incredible you can be and want to help. I don’t have to be right all the time but I hope that you to at least consider my comments or thoughts, for they are said to enhance your capabilities only, never to assert my authority.

We don’t need to ever discuss this email if it makes you uncomfortable. For now it is simply enough for me that I have said it.

Warmest Regards

Your Boss

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