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Photo: Mother gray fox is a vulpine beauty!

Our photo of the day shows the foxy side on a mama fox.


Simple Southwestern Casserole

This Simple Southwestern Casserole recipe is perfect on those days where you get home late from work or driving the kids around to afterschool activities and barely make it home before dinnertime. Or just maybe you just want an easy and simple casserole recipe that’s hardy and deal for those busy weeknights. Either way, Holly […]


How to decipher a coconut oil label

The labels on coconut oil can be confusing. Learn what all the terms mean so you can buy the best product.


TreeHugger hero Thomas Thwaites wins an Ig Nobel Prize for being a goat

And why not? It sounds like fun, just hanging around, eating grass


Handcrafted recycled paper sculptures of insects & fungi document a curious nature (Video)

Paper is reused, shaped, cut and assembled into artworks that reflect a sense of wonder about nature and its delicate beauty.


5 Ways to Have Great Conversations

“My music comes from many, many, many places. My emotions, my feelings, my thoughts, and conversations I have with people I know who influence me.”   ~ Alicia Keys~ Think of people who seem to bring out the best in you whenever you talk to them. You feel comfortable conversing with them and could go on […]

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Just what we needed Dept: Volvo develops bus that honks at pedestrians automatically

It sounds noisy and annoying, but might actually be a very good idea.


Coffee is severely threatened by climate change

Don’t take your morning cup of coffee for granted. It may not be around in a few decades, according to a new report.



Light Therapy

`Scan Ultrasnd Gel- Scanpac Case/4 Gallons

Scan Ultrasound Gel - Scanpac Case (4 gallons per case) $ 94.11 ►Read More...

5W Dental Wireless Cordless LED Dental Curing Light Lamp Luz De Curado Dental Black

Features: Made for Dentists The charger base is also for holding the mainbody Lithium Battery Dormant Function ►Read More...

Color Therapy Glasses Round Style Set of 7 Colors [Also Available in Set of 9]

Color therapy is simply using color to assist the body in healing. Moods and emotions may be affected by the use of ►Read More...

Magnetic Field Therapy

20″ Red/White Titanium Sport Tornado Baseball/Softball Necklace

This is for a brand new 20" Ionic braided titanium baseball/softball necklace. This one is Red and White and comes w/ ►Read More...

FusionExcel Premium Quantum Pendant (Emblem) with UID/PWD + Free Anti Radiation FusionExcel Shield

In our daily life we are exposed to many electromagnetic devices such as radio, television, cell phones, laptops and ►Read More...


Stress Ear Seed Kit- 120 Ear Seeds, Stainless Steel Tweezer

Small black seeds from the Vaccaria plant are secured on the ear with a piece of adhesive tape over specific acupuncture ►Read More...

Longevity Pure Smokeless Moxa Sticks – With Hole in Center (5 Per Box) – 3 boxes

These compressed moxa sticks offer less smoke and odor than traditional moxa. They are made with a special charcoal ►Read More...

Sound Therapy

Feeten Stainless Steel Fetish Magic Wand SM Restraint Sex Stick Urethral Sounding Dilators Sound-Therapy Penis with Gift Bracelet, A7

Package: 1* Stick $ 17.99 ►

Chakra Tuning Forks Set – 7 Tuning Forks with Colored Chakra Balls and Free Pouch and Free Activator

The Chakra Tuning Fork Set generates the planetary audio frequencies of the Chakras. Each fork has the frequency & the ►Read More...

Shaman’s Eye: Healing Rhythms for Trance Meditation

Throughout human history and across most native traditions, constant repetitive rhythms and the steady drone of chanting ►Read More...

Flower Essences

Bach Original Flower Essences, Rock Water, 20 ml

Rock Water by Bach Flower Essences 20 ml Liquid Rock Water This Essence helps when you are over-conscientious and set ►Read More...

Nelsons Rescue Remedy Spray, 7 ml, 0.245 Fluid Ounce

Dr. Bach's most famous flower essence formula, Bach original flower remedies rescue remedy, is one of the world's best ►Read More...

Homeopathic Remedies

2 Bottles Beta Sitosterol 800mg Per Serving 180 Total Capsules Prostate Support KRK Supplements

This listing is for 2 bottles. Each bottle contains 90 capsules per bottle for a total of 180 capsules. Product ►Read More...

Boiron First Aid Calendula Ointment, 1 oz.

Homeopathic Medicine. Cuts. Chapping. Burns. Scrapes. No artificial colors or perfumes. Cruelty-free. Calendula ►Read More...

Manipulation Therapies

System Jo Dona Body Paint, Vanilla Buttercream, 2 Ounce

Create an erotic masterpiece with Dona Kissable Body Paint. Let the tempting blend of aphrodisiacs and pheromones and luscious strawberry souffle flavor inspire your passion. $ 5.25 ►Read More...

Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package (Black)

Earthlite's new Harmony DX portable massage table package is packed with features and value. For the therapist, you can count on Earthlite's green practices and materials including managed forest hardwoods, water based lacquers and glues, and 100% PU vinyl and CFC-Free Foam that were used in the ►Read More...


Banyan Botanicals Trikatu Powder – Certified Organic, Spice Jar – Kapha Digest – Digestion formula for kapha*

Digestion formula for kapha* Translating as "three pungents", Trikatu contains the herbs pippali, ginger, and black pepper. The powerful heating quality of this combination is traditionally used to enkindle the digestive fire and to effectively burn fat and natural toxins. Trikatu supports a healthy metabolism, allowing nutrients to be properly digested and assimilated, thus aiding in weight management. It is also a rejuvenative for kapha, supporting healthy lungs and uncongested breathing.* ►Read More...

Cedarwood Atlantic 100% Pure Essential Oil – 10 ml

Cedarwood oil benefits the skin by its sedating ability to relieve itching. Its astringent action is good for acne, oily skin, eczema and dandruff and is also a good insect repellant. It helps with chest and urinary infections and acts as a general tonic. $ 4.30 ►Read More...

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Cylinder Carry Bag

Oxygen Cylinder Carry BagM9Opening for threading cannula on the top and side of bagLength 7.5Width 15Material NylonHeight 4.5Color BlackCompatibility Bonsai-M4 $ 50.05 ►Read More...

Single Canister of Pure Oxygen4Energy

This is 95% Pure Oxygen, standard air is only 20% Oxygen. Oxygen4Energy delivers 475% more Oxygen to your lungs than standard air alone can. This causes your bloodstream to rapidly become super oxygenated resulting in more energy and a significant increase in stamina when involved in physical ►Read More...